Sidetracks: M56 Scorpion

The criteria?

A Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun (Tank Destroyer) that was light enough to be airdropped.

The_Chieftain of Wargaming America can give the technical spiel here 🙂

But seriously…that recoil is like a bucking bronco!


Sidetracks: Tiger 131 and Tiger Day

Tiger 131 is a Tiger I tank on display at the Bovington Tank Museum in England, it was featured in Fury as the Tiger I that attacks and destroys most of Fury’s platoon mates..


Now why is this particular tank special?

There are 2 reasons why:

  1. Very few Tiger Is were produced, even fewer were captured and are in good condition.
  2. Tiger 131 is for all intents and purposes, the only fully operational Tiger I in the world.

Video Playlist by Wargaming Europe’s The_Challenger on Tiger 131, plus interview with the museum curator


In addition, Bovington also hosts an event called Tiger Day, where Tiger 131 and several other tanks are driven around, this video by The Mighty Jingles details 2015’s Tiger Day.

PERSONAL NOTE: Keep an eye on the Leopard 1, look at that thing move!

A tour of the WW1 section of Bovington

So here’s the deal: We could be talking about WW1 tanks all  up until the cows come home, and that’s not going to help us at all. Questions I’m expecting would be:

  • Did the Germans have any tanks to combat the Allied advantage? If so how many were produced?
  • Were there any other tanks designed by the British?

As a result of time constraints, here is a video of the Bovington Tank Museum’s WW1 exhibit, by The Mighty Jingles.